Safer Internet Day is a global mission designed to help raise awareness on how to stay safe while using the internet. In 2020, the missive is to “work together for a better internet.” What does that mean? These facts might help you and your parents understand how to use the internet safely and responsibly.


Homecare in Surprise AZ: Safer Internet Day

Homecare in Surprise AZ: Safer Internet Day


U.S. Internet Users Tops 290 Million

More than 290 million people in the U.S. use the internet. Close to 72 percent of America’s households have internet within the home. People use the internet for everything from shopping to work and education to TV and movie viewing.


Older Adults Are Using Smartphones More

Between 2013 and 2017, the number of smartphone users over the age of 64 doubled. Approximately 42 percent of the men and women age 65 or older owned and used a smartphone in 2017.

While older users are accessing the information on smartphones more, they’re not likely to be using ad-blocking software to lower the risk of malware and viruses from ads. No ad-blocker can block all adds, but some can cut down the number of ads you see.


People Spend an Average of Five Hours Per Week Shopping Online

Online shopping is a popular activity with people spending an average of five hours per week. The three most popular sites for online shopping are Amazon, eBay, and Apple.

Price is a determining factor when it comes to online shopping. Free shipping is the second most popular factor. To shop online, your parents do need to be careful about allowing a retailer to save credit card information and shopping from trusted retailers.


Social Media Use is Soaring

It’s estimated that 2.7 billion people used social media in 2019. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion users, and Instagram has 1 billion. Social media makes it easy to share photos and updates with family and friends.

Your mom and dad do need to be especially careful on social media sites. Fake friend requests are one of the common ways scams are attempted. It’s also possible for viruses to spread through messages.

If your parents have a harder time understanding how to identify phone and internet scams, it may be ideal to arrange elderly care’s companionship services. Elderly care aides stop by your parents’ home and keep them company, help with household chores, and help answer questions when they’re going through mail, answering emails, and taking calls.


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