You might think that your senior is more likely to be in denial about her health, but you could be sitting in that same boat with her. Denial can keep you locked into decisions and solutions that might not be the right ones for you or for your senior.


Home Health Care in Sun City West AZ: Senior Health

Home Health Care in Sun City West AZ: Senior Health


Nothing Is Changing at All

You might have heard and seen changes in your senior’s daily life, but both of you keep acting like nothing is changing at all. The problem with that is that when you do that, you’re not acknowledging what’s actually going on. In the short term that might not be a huge problem. But in the long term, that can be really difficult to get over.


You’re Justifying Lots of Your Senior’s Behavior

When you’re looking at some of your senior’s behaviors and symptoms as just being “how she is,” you might be overlooking the reality of what’s going on. That can keep you from doing things like getting more help from your senior’s doctor when it might do her quite a lot of good. It’s especially important to avoid justifying behaviors when your elderly family member is trying new medications that could have side effects that you need to be watching.


Your Emotions Are All Over the Map

You might be in denial, but that doesn’t mean that you’re completely unaware of what’s going on with your senior’s situation. If you’re feeling more frustrated, irritated, or angry than you are usually, that’s a big sign. On some level, you know that you’re overlooking or avoiding something and you need to look a little deeper.


You Keep Second-guessing What You’re Doing

Denial means that you’re not necessarily making the right decisions. Or you could be making the right decisions, but for the wrong reasons. Regardless, you’re probably not feeling very confident about what you’re doing and how you’re going about it in terms of taking care of your senior. This means that you’re second-guessing a lot of what you’re doing and that erodes your confidence even more.


There are going to be some situations that you might not want to face quite yet regarding your senior’s health. That’s normal, really. But you have to face things head-on when you’re her caregiver. Be sure to take care of yourself and take frequent breaks. Hiring home care providers can give you coverage to do that without leaving your senior on her own.


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