Your dad doesn’t get rid of much. He holds onto every receipt he gets and stores them away. He has drawers full of miscellaneous screws, bolts, and nails. His home’s cluttered and you want to get it organized with him.

When he has a bit of a packrat habit, it can be harder to organize. It’s not impossible, however.


Home Health Care in Goodyear AZ: Decluttering Tips

Home Health Care in Goodyear AZ: Decluttering Tips


Here are the tips for decluttering when he wants to hold on to everything.


Take Photos for a Before and After

It can help your dad see just how cluttered areas of his home were. Take photos of the areas you’re going to declutter. Once that’s done, start cleaning. Take additional photos along the way.


Grab a Trash Bag

Start with the basics. Your dad will most likely agree with you on what counts as trash. Food wrappers, tissues, plastic wrap, and plastic packaging are all examples of trash. Fill bags with trash and remove them from the house. Show your dad the progress with the before and after pictures.


Separate Remaining Items Into Areas

Tackle the next items in the room or area you’re decluttering. Create two piles. One is a keep pile and the other is for items that can be sold or donated. A good rule to follow is that if your dad has used the item in the past year, it is something to keep. If he hasn’t, it can leave the home.

If he has multiples of the same item, it may be worthwhile narrowing down to just one. Exceptions to this would be plates, bowls, and other kitchen items. He doesn’t need three copies of the same DVD, however. If he bought updated versions with extended scenes, save the most complete DVD and sell the rest.

Make sure he agrees. Once he is comfortable with the items in the “leave” pile, move them into boxes and out of the home. Take another round of pictures and let him look at the comparison.


Find a Home for All Remaining Items

Find a home for the remaining items. If storage is running low, you may need to reconsider what’s staying. You can also look into cube storage. Instead of an end table that has nowhere to store things, purchase a small cube storage shelf and add the fabric boxes to use for storage.

Keep his home clean by hiring caregivers to help him with housework and organization. Caregivers are also available for companionship. He’ll have someone to shop with and keep him company. Find out about caregiver prices by calling an agency.


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