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July 4th : Celebrating the Independence of Seniors All Over America

July 4th is an exciting, patriotic day for all of America. It’s a day to reflect on American history, to think about some of the most memorable defining moments of the country and celebrate the freedom and liberty that Americans have now.


Home Care in Buckeye AZ: Fourth Of July

Home Care in Buckeye AZ: Fourth Of July


One theme across all homes in America on July 4th is community, family, and togetherness.
July 4th is one of those special days in the year where we drop everything and celebrate what we have today with loved ones. This rare and exciting moment in the year is full of joy, red, white and blue picnics and lots of happiness in the country. We celebrate Independence Day because to be a strong, prosperous, influential country in this world, it is the first thing you need. After independence, everything is within reach with the right political system, leaders and systems in place. Everything can be built on the foundation of independence.


How often do we think about how the same is true for the seniors in our lives?

Just like any strong, successful country, seniors too need a strong sense of independence before they can give to the people in their lives, help others, and spread the love they want to spread within their families. It’s important to cultivate an environment where seniors can achieve that sense of independence and move on to give back to their families and the people in their lives who are most important.


Cultivating that independence starts with listening to them, understanding how they are doing, what they’re enjoying and what they need more of in their day to day life.

Once they are provided with the tools they need to achieve this independence, which can often be at-home care, the enjoyment of their day-to-day lives will increase and they will gain the ability to make themselves happy without depending on anyone else.

Seniors often want to feel heard by the people around them, and being that listening ear can also provide a sense of empowerment to them, contributing to their independence and their confidence in themselves. This is why visits and regular contact with seniors are incredibly impactful on their experience with elderly care and their own sense of independence.

The feeling of remaining up to date and in contact with their loved ones without them constantly having to reach out on their own makes them feel more independent than when they are constantly seeking contact and updates from the family. Creating this pattern of including seniors in celebratory events, listening to them and generally ensuring they are content in their circumstances can contribute to their own sense of independence.


July 4th is a time to not only celebrate the independence of our great nation but also to celebrate the independence of the seniors who have helped create it.


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Jack Coito

Jack Coito is the Owner at Home Care Resources.

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