Pulmonary rehab consists of several different components that all work together to help you’re senior to breathe a little better and to become stronger as well.


Elder Care in Tolleson AZ: Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Elder Care in Tolleson AZ: Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Information about Lung Health and Lung Ailments

There’s a lot that most people don’t think about when it comes to lungs and breathing. Your senior can learn an awful lot about how her lungs work from pulmonary rehabilitation. She’ll also learn more about how her particular health issues impact the way her lungs work. This can be incredibly valuable information when putting together a plan for managing her breathing.


Breathing Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs

Lots of people with lung problems aren’t aware that breathing exercises can help to strengthen their lungs and even help to calm breathing issues and anxiety when they flare. Practicing these breathing exercises regularly helps your elderly family member to learn to rely on them and can help her to even experience fewer anxiety attacks.


Physical Exercises Your Senior Can Do Safely

Your elderly family member might have given up on physical exercise a while ago, but it’s an important part of keeping her healthy. Even with lung issues your elderly family member can move a little more. The best part is that she can get some serious lung benefits from exercising more regularly. Her pulmonary therapist will ensure that the exercises she tries are ones that she’s actually able to do.


Lifestyle Strategies for Dealing with Lung Issues

Beyond breathing and physical exercises, your senior needs to have some other strategies to help her to breathe better. Pulmonary rehabilitation can teach her all sorts of lifestyle techniques and hacks that can help her to conserve energy, eat to fuel herself better, and generally how to feel much better. Something else that you might consider is bringing senior care providers in to help your elderly family member to delegate some tasks so that she manages her energy levels well during the day.


Support Groups and Other Emotional Supports

It’s scary to have lung issues and to be unable to breathe. Getting emotional support from other people who have lung issues can help immensely. Pulmonary rehabilitation can put your elderly family member and you in touch with support groups and talk therapists who understand what it’s like to have trouble breathing.


Pulmonary rehabilitation may be something that jump-starts a lung health plan for your senior. It’s not necessarily right for everyone, so if she gives it a try and she doesn’t get benefits, she’s at least tried something new to manage her breathing difficulties.


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