Many older adults insist they do not need help at home. They may insist that they can handle house cleaning, cooking, and other aspects of living independently.

Some seniors may even try to hide the fact that they need help. When you mention their empty cupboards, they might say they were just about to go grocery shopping when you dropped by. There are a lot of reasons a senior might resist help at home, including a fear of losing their independence or embarrassment about needing help.


Caregiver in Wadell AZ: Time for Home Care

Caregiver in Wadell AZ: Time for Home Care


No matter what the reason is, it’s important to find ways to help your aging relative when they need it. The first step is for family members to recognize when help is needed, which isn’t always easy. Below are some signs that your aging relative could use some help.


Spoiled Food in the Refrigerator

Everyone occasionally has something in the fridge that has gone bad. However, when you consistently notice your aging relative’s refrigerator is filled with expired food, it can be an indicator that they aren’t able to cook fresh foods for themselves or that they are having difficulty keeping the house clean. It can also mean that they are having cognitive problems that make it hard for them to recognize when food may be dangerous to eat.

Home care can help older adults to continue eating healthy meals at home and keep the kitchen clean. Home care providers can cook meals regularly, either every day or to be frozen and warmed up later. Home care providers can also periodically clean out the refrigerator to ensure spoiled foods are discarded and preventing the older adult from getting food poisoning.


Messy, Unkempt Appearance

One clue that an older adult is having some difficulty taking care of themselves is a decline in appearance. You might notice that their once pristine clothes are starting to look dingy or stained. Perhaps their hair isn’t brushed or styled when it always used to be. They may even smell bad, as though they aren’t washing themselves or brushing their teeth.

Home care providers can assist seniors to bathe or shower on a regular basis. They can also come to the senior’s house daily to help them get up, dressed, and groomed each morning. A home care provider can help an elderly man to shave or a woman to brush and style her hair.


Dirty House

Take a look around the older adult’s house and notice whether it appears to have been cleaned lately. Look for thick dust on surfaces, cobwebs, or dirty floors. Living in a dirty house can not only be unsanitary, but it can also be unpleasant and make the older adult feel embarrassed to have visitors.

Home care offers light cleaning services on a regular basis, which helps to keep the older adult’s home looking nice. When a home care provider cleans the home, it also removes germs that can cause illness and dust that can make breathing problems worse.


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